Wednesday, May 22, 2013


You guys do realize that if Yahoo does ‘censor’ Tumblr, it’s not just porn. It’s cutting posts, fanfics, rants, depressing posts, basically anything they don’t find ‘socially acceptable’.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013



For many of us bloggers, Tumblr is an escape from the real world of family issues and school issues and friend issues and the like.

Tumblr is our place to go when we need a distraction. Because of that reason, it is NOT family friendly. If these “changes” to make Tumblr “family friendly” actually happen, it would take away the escape of millions of bloggers.

And no, the “escape” is not merely the internet. You try putting a 1500 word rant about how much you hate yourself on facebook and see what kind of reaction you get.


Do whatever you want with it, we don’t care! Just don’t CHANGE WHAT TUMBLR IS.


I’m honestly gonna cry. I still cant get over the fact that Yahoo bought tumblr.

Dear Yahoo,


Please delete all of the blogs that belong to the superficial fake bitches of my school, they don’t belong here.

Sincerely, all of tumblr.

Does Yahoo! even get what Tumblr is about? Because making it ‘child’ friendly kinda says to me that they don’t have the slightest clue. I’m disappointed. Know your audience before purchasing, idiots!


They’ll try and take away the homosexual vibes of the site, they’ll try to rip away the explicit nature of certain blogs, and they’ll probably take away our freedom of speech too, and tell us that we’re bullies who aren’t allowed to blog words. Only pictures of non homosexual kittens and unicorns. What the fuck, Yahoo!? What the fuck.


I will NOT censor my posts.

I will NOT change my blog because of yahoo.

I will NOT change because i have a right to share what i am feeling and you can NOT take that away from me.

Yahoo, take a seat.


Tumblr is not a family friendly place. Tumblr doesn’t WANT to be a family friendly place. We like being the one place on the internet where our siblings cry in terror at the boobs and asses across our screens. We’re a place who understands self harm and a place for fandoms. Are any of those things truly family friendly? I dare you to change tumblr and watch the massive revolt us bloggers send your way. Yahoo, you will be fucked.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Yahoo will ruin tumblr without a doubt unless they listen to us! (that will never happen)


We better enjoy the last few moments we can with tumblr because now we are going to have so many problems.

  • Little kids will not only annoy us but be exposed to stuff they shouldnt even if this site gets cleaned up, it wont matter, they will still be exposed to music, shows, writing, and other stuff that they just shouldn’t be exposed to.
  • People like our parents will not only want a blog but want to follow us…. now I dont think i have to explain myself on this one, a lot of us will get in a fuck ton of trouble if our parents see our blogs.
  • Say good bye to all the porn and nudity (including fanfics and so forth)
  • I’m scared what will happen to the music and band blogs that post stuff like Whitechapel and so forth, if it stays, kids and adults (parents, teachers, gandparents, etc.) will be exposed to that as well.
  • What if tumblr starts putting age restrictions on everything, and everything is not allowed or censored in someway. You cant say fuck, shit, dick, cunt, pussy, whore, or any of that, and you see those words in like every thrid word spoken on this site. Not only will langueage be a problem, but what about violence. Ok I post mosh pits and hardcore dancing and crowd surfing, will that be not allowed cause its “promoting violence”.


My tweet so Yahoo bc Tumblr is the opposite of Family friendly

My tweet so Yahoo bc Tumblr is the opposite of Family friendly



ok we should all tweet yahoo (@yahoo) and tell them not to change tumblr they said that they were going to make it more family friendly

seriously why would they do that no face it tumblr is like an escape for some people we need it it CANNOT change

please reblog